Our extensive range of Thermo Plastic and Rubber conveyor belting covers over 150 different types of belts for virtually every application and fall one into one of the following categories:




1. PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) General conveying 6. Plastic Modular Belts General to food
2. PU (Polyurethane) Food applications 7. Rubber Mining / Quarrying
3. PE (Polyolefin) Tobacco industry 8. Wire Mesh Belts Food / Industrial
4. Silicone High heat applications 9. Elevator Belting Bucket elevators
5. Cotton Belts Biscuit / Bakery    

Included in this range are belts for more specialised conveyor applications such as airports, wood/timber industry, sugar industry, wet applications, gym treadmills, belt accumulation, high abrasion applications as well as belts with moulded patterns and profiles. Our highly trained staff will ensure that the correct belt is selected to suit the required application.

The conveyor belts are available in various breaking strengths; from 1 ply to 5 ply. The ply's being the reinforcing polyester fabric layers which determine the overall strength. The Thermo Plastic conveyor belts can be supplied in a range of colours, to suit the application; Green, Petrol, White, Grey, Black and Blue. These belts are available in widths of up to 3m without a join and in lengths of up to 100m without a join.

We can supply conveyor belts which are anti-static, FDA and HACCP compliant.

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